March 19, 2018

Vietnamese adaptation for Talpa's 5 Gold Rings

Vietnamese adaptation for Talpa's 5 Gold Rings

Talpa’s connected game show 5 Gold Rings has been licensed by Mega GS Entertainment & Communication in Vietnam. This will be the seventh country to pick up the format since its launch in 2016 and the second Asian country, following a commission in Thailand earlier this year. The format is suitable for a wide audience, both young and old are watching show. The first season is expected to air by the end of 2018 on VTV3.

Says Mega GS Entertainment & Communication’s CEO & Chairwoman, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Lien: “We're proud to partner with Talpa Media to bring 5 Gold Rings to the Vietnam market in 2018. This type of game format started a new generation of game shows in Vietnam due to its amazing technology, and its highly interactive element. I believe 5 Gold Rings is the start of a new game show era, not only in Vietnam but everywhere in the world”.

5 Gold Rings is the connected game show in which every pixel counts. A huge interactive LED floor projects amazing animated pictures that are the base of each question. Players need to put the rings on the correct answer, but the rings become smaller throughout the game, making it even more challenging – whilst the difficulty level of the questions remains the same.


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