June 11, 2018

The Talpa recipe for long running reality success

The Talpa recipe for long running reality success

When Utopia launched on January 6th 2014, it was set to air for a full year, running in a stripped slot on SBS in access prime, but it turned into the longest running reality show ever on Dutch TV. Last Friday, after no less than 4.5 years non-stop on air, the first season came to an end, only because the lease of the current site could not be extended. The following Monday immediately marked the launch of season 2 of Utopia. In the same slot but at a new location, the daily show continues to be a steady pillar for the channel in the access time slot. With an average of 12.6% market share in the first week of Series 2, season 2 is even outperforming the series 1 overall average by almost +10% in the key demo (20-49). On a new patch of desolate land, 5 new inhabitants moved in to start building their own ideal society. This time the Utopians have even less resources to start with: nothing but a phone with 25 euros credit, 250 euros in cash, a pond with some fish and a few wooden planks to make it through the first few days. The results of the first week into this new season show that viewers embrace the new series as much as they did the first!


From the creator of Big Brother, The Golden Cage, Utopia and the most successful talent show in the world, The Voice, now comes a brand new daily reality talent show that is set to air as of August 6 this year on SBS in the Netherlands: House of Talent. In this show, which starts where other talent shows stop, we will follow 12 young aspiring talents as they work on their music careers. So stay tuned!

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