October 14, 2019

The land of the rising Voice

The land of the rising Voice

The record-breaking talent competition continues its voyage around the world and will hit the Japanese screens next year. Although Japan is traditionally quite a closed market for international formats, this deal proves that the combination of great music and authenticity in The Voice breaks all barriers. The show will locally be produced by Voice Lariat, executive producers Ash Nukui and Hans Canosa and Ortus Japan Co., Ltd and will air this Spring on a channel to be announced soon.

Maarten Meijs, COO Talpa Media stated, “The Voice is the most successful format of the last decade and I’m incredibly proud we have reached our 70th territory, not only because it shows how this brand continues to grow from strength to strength, but also because entering the Japanese market is very rare for an international format. This is the result of the strong partnership we created, in which we offer tailored content solutions for the local marketplace.”

Ash Nukui, executive producer Voice Lariat adds, “Japan needs a shout for joy, overcoming the obstacles and tragedies of today. The Voice has incredible power to change the Japanese music world. With legendary coaches and unique talents, we will pioneer a new entertainment here, gather numerous Voices, and shout “This is the Voice from Japan!”

There’s even more to celebrate, according to K7 Media's comprehensive report on format sales, the entire Voice franchise, consisting of The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior now has a total of 121 adaptions across the globe, making it the biggest and most successful format brand in the non-scripted global marketplace to date.

Recently, The Voice Comeback Stage was introduced, a commercially attractive extension of the brand in which talents who missed out on that chair turn or were eliminated get a second chance to re-enter the competition. This concept has multiple cross-overs between online and tv.

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