June 17, 2019

Talpa scores with new musical game show Thank You for the Music

Talpa scores with new musical game show Thank You for the Music

The first two episodes of Talpa’s newest format Thank You for the Music, broadcast on SBS6 in the Netherlands, are bringing in great ratings! The launch episode kicked off with a strong 13.8% market share in the key demo. The second episode even managed to improve this score, increasing its market share to 20.5%! The second episode also outperformed SBS6’s slot average by +180.8% in market share key demo.

About Thank You for the Music
In this brand-new musical game show, three celebrity duos take each other on every week. Each duo consists of a permanent team captain and different celebrity guests. The famous contestants play fun music games - and seven special audience members also play an important part! They are distinct types: from a student to an old lady and from a construction worker to a rocker. When a duo wins a game, they choose one of these seven audience members, purely on the basis of their looks! Who do they think has the better singing voice? With a special technique, all pure and false notes are measured and converted into positive and negative points. The better the singing, the higher the score! Each special member of the audience is only allowed to sing once, so the sooner a duo wins a game, the greater the choice is... Who knows how to value these singers best?

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