October 16, 2018

Talpa’s Divided is expanding in the Asian region

Talpa’s Divided is expanding in the Asian region

Talpa’s fast-paced game show Divided has reached new territory in Asia. The format has been licensed to Thailand, India and Vietnam. In Thailand the format will premiere in January 2019 on Channel 3 and will be locally produced by Memiti. In India two versions are simultaneously on air on Vijay (part of Star), one in Kannada and one in Tamil language. The show consists of 40 episodes and is produced by Banijay Asia. For Vietnam, TN&K has licensed two seasons of the game show with a must-see ending. These additions bring the total number of international versions of Divided to an impressive 21!

Divided is the general knowledge game show with a tantalizing twist. Three total strangers must work together to build up a collective amount of cash. At the end of the game, the money is split into three unequal shares. Are the contestants able to reach agreement as to who gets what, before all the money disappears? Find out on this fast-paced game show.

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