April 01, 2019

Strong first season of The Loved Ones gets recommission

Strong first season of The Loved Ones gets recommission
Talpa’s newest drama series The Loved Ones on BNNVARA wrapped up its first season, scoring great ratings each week. With more than 1 million viewers watching the dramedy each week, the first season scored a +30% above slot average in market share in the key demo.
The key to the success of the show is the variety of highly relatable themes; awkward situations, served with a good dose of subtle humor. A second season has been commissioned by BNNVARA.
In The Loved Ones we follow four families with opposite methods of parenting. Despite their social and cultural differences, the families are connected and often face common problems because they all raise teenagers. Social media, peer pressure, drugs, sex… the social pressure to be the perfect parent when it comes to raising their adolescents is relatable to many people. These parents have set the bar very high for themselves and their beloved teenagers. Because life must above all be perfect.

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