April 09, 2018

Get closer to Talpa's The Next Boy/Girl band with help from the Google Assistant

Get closer to Talpa's The Next Boy/Girl band with help from the Google Assistant

Fans in Indonesia can now engage in a two-way conversation like never before with stars from Talpa’s The Next Boy/Girl Band, thanks to a little help from the Google Assistant. Through this new Action for the Assistant, fans can interact with the backstage hosts of the show, Malvin and Vanya.

As fans talk with the hosts, the hosts will get to know fans better and will even try to match viewers with their perfect hot seater match. And for the first time, fans will be able to vote for their favorite contestants and determine the show’s winner by simply talking to the Google Assistant with their voice.

The Google Assistant is a personal conversation between users and Google, there to help you get things done whether you’re at home or on the go. Talpa built an Action for the Assistant, and you can go behind the scenes of Season 2 by saying, “Ok Google, bertanya kepada TNBGB” in Bahasa. Once fans have been matched up with their favorite contestants, they’re ready to vote! Starting from Episode 10, fans can vote daily with votes being rounded up every Thursday of the week. To give it a shot, long press home on your Android phone or say “Ok Google, talk to TNBGB” in Bahasa.

In Season 1 of The Next Boy/Girl Band, the live shows generated millions of votes using the power of Google Search. Talpa is building on that momentum in Season 2, making it even easier and more fun for fans around the country to vote for their favorite contestants with simple commands spoken to the Google Assistant.

Not only will it be easier for viewers to ride along with contestants on this year’s contest, but fans will now be able to get closer to the action with behind-the-scenes content that’s exclusive to the Google Assistant experience. Anyone with an eligible mobile with the Google Assistant can join in on the interactive multi-channel experience.

In this talent competition, two top record labels will take each other on to create the next boy/girl band. Starting off with the looks and moves, the talented artists must have what it takes to become part of the next pop phenomenon. But that’s not enough... in the second phase of the competition, they have to prove they can really sing! Because they’ll need the full package to secure a spot! The record labels will look for the biggest talent up until the last moment of the competition... the talents are never safe! Who will make the cut? And which band will be victorious? The boys... or the girls?

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