March 12, 2019

Dance Dance Dance is rocking in Poland

Dance Dance Dance is rocking in Poland

Talpa’s celebrity dance competition Dance Dance Dance was recently commissioned by TVP in Poland, and is scoring raving ratings! The first two episodes were watched by almost 2 million viewers and both ended up being winner in its time slot. The show is locally produced by Rochstar. Poland is the 6th country to license the show, following the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Italy and Thailand. In Thailand the show is aired on OTT platform Line TV.

Dance Dance Dance takes celebrity dancing to a whole new level. The dancers reenact iconic dance performances with revolutionary technology to mimic the original setting and moves we all remember from the original video clips and shows. The celebs form a duo with someone they’re close to, offering explosive reality during the intense training process. The best in the business offer mind-blowing performances, raising the bar for celebrity dance competitions all over the world.

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