March 06, 2019

5 Gold Rings kicks off strong in Thailand

5 Gold Rings kicks off strong in Thailand

Talpa’s connected game show 5 Gold Rings premiered this week in Thailand and scored outstanding ratings! The launch episode was watched by more than 1,5 million viewers and scored a 18.3% total market share, making it the winner in its time slot. The show is locally produced by Zense Entertainment.

5 Gold Rings is a connected game show in which every pixel counts. A huge interactive LED floor projects amazing animated pictures that are the base of each question. Players need to put the rings on the correct answer, but the rings become smaller throughout the game, making it even more challenging - whilst the difficulty level of the questions remains the same.

5 Gold Rings is also available as stand-alone game, within the same app as the play along. This means that audiences are able to play the 5 Gold Rings game anytime, anywhere: even when the TV show is not on air!

5 Gold Rings is co-created by Talpa and Possessed, part of ITV Studios.

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