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It’s not unusual

Blood Is Thicker Than Water & Champagne

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It's not unusual

Is about the close relationship between Bette and her brother Kirk and about all the emotional turmoil in their lives - and in the lives of the other members of their colorful family. Their mother died when they were young and their father was a successful writer, who was hardly ever at home. Bette and Kirk had to take care of themselves and, as a result, they now have a close and intense relationship. Bette is 46 and completely missed the boat in terms of love. She is a celebrity stylist. She works like hell to avoid going back to an empty home, until she falls in love with her contract builder Johan, who is not anywhere close to the man of her dreams. Her gay brother Kirk, who has a loving but sometimes difficult relationship with his husband Morten, is an actor with a burnout. One day, when their father introduces his Romanian internet bride Ruxandra, alarm bells start ringing for Bette and Kirk. They have great problems with their father's choice and do not trust Ruxandra's motives. On top of that, Ruxandra is almost twenty years younger than Bette and even worse, weighs almost twenty kilos less…

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The Netherlands