The Winner Is

Genre Talent
First Air Date 2012
Licensed to 16 Countries

Be confident of your own talent but don´t underestimate your opponent!

It’s the must-see singing game show that delivers an unbeatable combination of great vocal duels, instant cash, dramatic decisions… and a big cash prize. On each episode, four contestants face each other in two singing duels. After each duel, an audience of music lovers and a top music expert judge them. But instead of revealing the results, the dueling contestants are given the chance to accept or refuse cash to leave the show. Just one contestant can take the money! In the grand final it all comes down to two contestants and one life-changing duel. Are they prepared to accept a huge cash deal to step out of the competition? Because if both acts remain, the jury’s vote will determine who goes home with nothing. And who wins the grand cash prize.


Who goes home with nothing, and who wins the grand prize?


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