House of Talent

The daily reality show that starts where other talent shows stop

Genre Reality
First Air Date 2018
Licensed to 1 Country

The last stop before the top

House of Talent is a daily reality show that starts where other talent shows stop… because House of Talent is the launchpad of the professional careers of eight aspiring musical artists. Witness their struggles, challenges and daily lives from up close while they live together and work hard on their music careers as professionals.  The artists have to build a large and engaged fanbase, perform throughout the country and release a new track every 6 weeks. During the live elimination show that will be broadcast exclusively online, one artist needs to leave the house and will be replaced by a new musician. Which artist’s popularity will soar sky-high? Who is able to make money with their talent? Who will make it to the top?

House of Talent targets the young and hard to reach audience with music, social and reality tv elements across all different platforms. It is not just enjoyed on the big screen, but will keep the audience engaged on all available screens. Social media is fully integrated into the format.


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