A Year to Remember

Blast from the past

Genre Entertainment
First Air Date 2017
Licensed to 3 Countries

Blast from the past

The studio show ‘A Year to Remember’ literally takes us back to one specific year in the past: like 1969, 1985 or 2001. Two witty celebrity captains both team up with a guest celebrity that actually experienced the year in question. Each clip, game and question is related to this particular year: from the greatest hits, world news, bizarre trends and inventions to legendary TV moments and film scenes. 

Nostalgia, feel-good family enter­tainment

What do the celeb captains and their guests still remember? But that’s not all. The audience is filled with 100 youngsters, who will also answer questions about the featured year and it’s up to the celeb duos to guess what the young people know. A year to remember is nostalgia, astonishment, feel-good and family entertainment in one!


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