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Down With A Dream

Big And Small Any Wish At All

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Best TV show in years, wiping away the tears :-)

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★ ★ ★ ★

Because we are all equal. Love this show! #Syndroom

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“Pure feel-good programming for audiences everywhere!”

This upbeat and heartwarming program is all about fulfilling dreams, large or small, for those with Down syndrome or another intellectual disability. Whether young or old, living at home or in a supervised residence, it doesn’t matter.

Because anything is possible! And what may seem small to us, can be life-changing for these individuals. It could be a date with a special someone or a job looking after animals at a petting zoo. But first we hear the story behind the dream, and then the presenter – working closely together with the participant – makes it happen!

Johnny de Mol

Johnny de Mol

Host NL

Broadcasted in

The Netherlands (Syndroom)