About Talpa

Talpa Media comprises Talpa Netherlands and Talpa Global. Talpa Netherlands consists of Talpa Content, the group’s in-house creative development unit for television formats and connected concepts, and Talpa Productions, the group’s production unit that produces the (connected) shows for The Netherlands. Talpa Fiction, the company’s scripted arm, Vorst Media and MasMedia are separate production units focused on the development and production of formats.

Talpa Global is dedicated to the worldwide licensing of Talpa Content's formats and finished series. As a forerunner in connected formats, Talpa Global distributes and monetizes its content through the entire media funnel. Its Global Productions division ensures the quality of Talpa formats across the globe. Global Music & Talent Agency monetizes the rights from talents during and after their participation on various Talpa shows.

About Talpa

Talpa Media’s global network includes Talpa North America, the division of the Talpa Media based in Los Angeles, Talpa Middle East, headquartered in Dubai, as well as Talpa Germany with offices in Berlin and Hamburg. Other Talpa partnerships are vested in the UK, Australia, France, Italy, the Nordic region, Sub Saharan Africa and Portugal.

Talpa Media is a separate business unit within ITV Studios.

Meet Our People

Talpa Media

  • John De Mol


    John De Mol
  • Pim Schmitz


    Pim Schmitz
  • Shashi Baboeram Panday


    Shashi Baboeram Panday
  • Maarten Meijs


    Maarten Meijs
  • Maaike van Urk

    Group Legal & Business Affairs Director

    Maaike van Urk
  • Moos Stafleu

    HR Manager

    Moos Stafleu

Talpa Global

  • Kim Dingler

    Managing Director Talpa Global

    Kim Dingler
  • Diana Buddingh

    Director Global Productions

    Diana Buddingh
  • Alex Doff

    Finance Director

    Alex Doff
  • Annelies Noest

    Director of Formats & Global Network

    Annelies Noest

Talpa Netherlands

  • Geertje Hoek

    Managing Director Content

    Geertje Hoek
  • Edwin van der Veen

    Business Director

    Edwin van der Veen
  • Ramon Mesman

    Director Branded Content

    Ramon Mesman
  • Will Koopman

    Creative Director Talpa Fiction

    Will Koopman

Talpa Productions

  • Rick Brug

    Manager of Operations

    Rick Brug
  • Debora Flens

    Creative Director

    Debora Flens
  • Xandra Budie

    Creative Director

    Xandra Budie
  • Jacco Keyzer

    Creative Director

    Jacco Keyzer
  • Sebastiaan Spaan

    Head of ENG Productions

    Sebastiaan Spaan
  • Linde de Jong

    Creative Director

    Linde de Jong
  • Ylla Bevoort

    Creative Director

    Ylla Bevoort

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