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Welcome to this website of Talpa. This website ("Website") is owned by Talpa Media B.V. or one of its affiliated companies (jointly: "Talpa" or "we").

The following website terms ("Website Terms") state the terms and conditions subject to which visitors can make use of the Websites of Talpa. Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are applicable to the use of our Websites. If you have any questions about these Website Terms, please contact

1.         Applicability

1.1       By visiting and using this Website, you accept our Website Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. All those documents can be viewed, downloaded and printed via

1.2       If the Website uses services of third parties, also any terms and conditions and/or privacy and cookie policies of those third parties may apply. Talpa is not responsible for the services and the privacy and cookie policies of third parties. If via our Website participation in (promotional) activities is possible, additional terms may also apply. In all cases the rule applies that in case of any contradiction, these Website Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy prevail.

1.3       Talpa can amend these Website Terms from time to time. To your visit of the Websites always the then current version of these Website Terms that is in force at that time apply. Please check these Website Terms each time you visit one of our Websites.

2.         Use of the Websites

2.1       On the Websites of Talpa you can find information about the products and services of Talpa. On some Websites you can also register, for example, for participation in a television program, for attending a television program as a visitor, or for instance to use it as a "2nd screen" during a television broadcast, etc.

2.2       If you register via one of the Websites, always carefully protect your account information and passwords. Never provide that information to others. Always make sure that your account information is correct and up‑to‑date. If you suspect that someone else is in possession of that information, please let us know immediately, so we can block your account. If you do not do that, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

2.3       If you via the Websites contribute information, data, images, video and/or audio clips and/or other content ("Contribution"), that Contribution must in no manner or way have any illegal or offensive (including sexist, pornographic, racist and/or discriminatory) content, or (otherwise) violate the privacy of third parties. You also guarantee that the Contribution does not infringe any (intellectual property) rights of third parties, and you indemnify Talpa and hold Talpa harmless from and against any claims of third parties resulting from submitting a Contribution.

2.4       By submitting, posting or uploading your Contribution, any intellectual property rights and/or similar rights in respect of the Contribution ‑ in so far as those rights are vested in you ‑ are transferred to Talpa, without Talpa owing you any fee or compensation for that. In so far as for that transfer a further deed is required, you will cooperate fully to that end at the first request of Talpa. In so far as the transfer of intellectual property rights and/or similar rights to your Contribution is not possible, you herewith grant to Talpa an exclusive, perpetual, sublicensable and transferable license to use the Contribution. You herewith towards Talpa waive any and all moral rights accruing to you, in so far as the applicable laws and regulations allow such waiver. By the transfer or licensing of your Contribution, Talpa is entitled to unrestricted use of the Contribution, and to (let others) commercially exploit the Contribution via any media and in any form, including via television programs, social media and websites.

3.         Intellectual Property Rights

3.1       All intellectual property rights and/or similar rights to (the content and design of) the Websites, including the underlying software, images, video and audio clips, are owned solely and exclusively by Talpa and/or its licensors. Without permission from Talpa it is not allowed to copy (any parts of) the Websites and/or to use any brands, brand names or trademarks of Talpa. It is not allowed to frame the Websites either.

3.2       You will always respect and observe the good name and reputation of Talpa, and ensure that your use of the Websites will in no way prejudice any rights and/or the good name and reputation of Talpa.

4.         Liability

4.1       Our Websites have been composed with the greatest care. However, Talpa cannot guarantee that the Websites will always be available or will always work without any interruptions, errors or defects, or that the information provided on the Websites is complete, correct and/or up‑to‑date. Talpa reserves the right temporarily or permanently to discontinue Websites (unannounced), without you being able to derive any rights therefrom.

4.2       Talpa is not liable for (the accuracy of) any information, Contributions and other materials or communications that you or others post or provide via the Websites. Talpa reserves the right (unannounced) to remove any information, Contributions or other materials or statements that have been placed on the Websites.

4.3       Talpa is not liable either for any damage or personal injury resulting from any use of the Websites or other websites or (social) media to which reference is made by means of for example hyperlinks.

4.4       The limitations of liability referred to in this Clause do not apply if the liability for damage is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Talpa.

4.5       Notwithstanding anything provided elsewhere, you herewith indemnify Talpa and hold Talpa harmless from and against any claims of third parties resulting from the use of Websites and the whether or not correct performance of legal and/or contractual obligations towards Talpa, any other users of the Websites or any third parties. You will reimburse to Talpa any damages and costs suffered as a result of such claims.

5.         Applicable Law, Settlement of Disputes

5.1       These Website Terms are governed by Dutch law.

5.2       These Website Terms do not prejudice your statutory rights as a consumer.

5.3       Any disputes regarding these Website Terms will be submitted to the Court that has jurisdiction under Dutch law.

Last update: 28 July 2015