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Let's Play a Game

Who Doesn't Love To Play Games

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"Let's Play a Game"

Spring 2016, SBS6 is set to launch Let’s play a game, a new family game show in which two popular celebrities take each other on in a variety of games. From language and music games to general knowledge questions and silly challenges; each episode is a new fun-filled and surprising adventure. Each show is different, but all the games have one thing in common: the viewer at home can always play along! In the studio, the two team captains are both assisted by a different celebrity each week and are supported by their own audience section, whose members can at any time be selected by the captains to join the teams on stage to play a game. Let’s play a game means a Friday night of fun for the whole family!

Nick & Simon

Nick & Simon

Hosts Let's Play a Game

Broadcasted in

The Netherlands