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    20 April 2011 - Leading Publisher Sanoma (67%) and Talpa Holding (33%) have agreed to acquire the Dutch activities of SBS Broadcasting. The deal comprises three TV stations - SBS6, NET5 and Veronica - two TV guides - Veronica Magazine and Totaal TV - production, design and Text activities. The transaction is subject to the approval of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) and is expected to finalise in June/July.

    Talpa owner John de Mol is delighted about the deal. He states: "Sanoma has strong brands, making the company a great cooperation partner. The SBS transaction offers three additional TV channels for Talpa Content and Talpa Productions to create and produce our formats for. Besides that, the number of possible combinations with Sanoma magazines and online services is interesting. Both as an investor in the media industry and as a content developer, I am very pleased with this unique opportunity."


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