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    It's the purest vocal talent competition ever. Four of the country's top recording artists seek out the nation's best vocal talent. In this innovative primetime contest, looks don't play a role. This show is all about real talent; it's all about The Voice!

    The Voice... The best in business looking for the next best!


    Genre: Talent

    Sold in: USA (The Voice), UK (The Voice UK), Germany (The Voice of Germany), France (The Voice - la plus belle Voix),  Australia  (The Voice),  The Netherlands (The Voice Of Holland), Mexico (La Voz... Mexico), Brazil (A Voz), Belgium - Flemis (The Voice Van Vlaanderen), Belgium - French (The Voice Belgique), Turkey  (O ses Türkiye), Italy (The Voice of Italy), Ukraine (Голос країни), Middle East & North Africa  (22 countries) (The Voice of Arabia), Spain (La Voz), Russia (Голос), Bulgaria (ГЛАСЪТ НА БЪЛГАРИЯ), Israel (The Voice of ישראל), Ireland (The Voice of Ireland), Poland (The Voice of Poland), Portugal  (A Voz de Portugal), Romania (Voce a Romaniei), Sweden (The Voice Sverige), Norway (The Voice Norges beste stemme), Denmark (Voice Danmarks Største Stemme), Finland (The Voice of Finland), Albania (The Voice of Albania), Lithuania (The Voice Of Lithuania), Chile (La Voz en Chille), Czech Republic (HLAS  ČESKO SLOVENSKA), Slovakia (HLAS  ČESKO SLOVENSKA), Thailand (The Voice), Argentina (La Voz Argentina), Indonesia (The Voice Indonesia), Vietnam, Colombia (La Voz Colombia), Canada - French (La Voix), Armenia (The Voice of Armenia), Georgia (The Voice of Georgia), Hungary (The Voice Magyarorszag hangja), South Korea (The Voice of Korea), China (The Voice of China), The Philippines (The Voice of the Philippines), Switzerland (The Voice of Switzerland), Afghanistan (The Voice of Afghanistan), Serbia (The Voice Srbija), Azerbaijan (The Voice Azerbaijan)Greece (The Voice of Greece), Cambodia, Pakistan