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John de Mol

John de Mol is the founder of Talpa Media Group and heads the creative process within the organisation.

De Mol began his career as an independent TV producer at the age of 24, by which time he had already amassed several years’ experience working for commercial radio and public broadcasters in the Netherlands. Together with Joop van den Ende, John de Mol was, in 1994, one of the founders of Endemol Entertainment, which developed under his leadership into an international company with branches in 24 countries. De Mol is known as the brain behind the worldwide hit “Big Brother”, but has also developed hundreds of other programmes, independently and with Endemol. In 2005 he started out for himself once again by establishing Talpa Media.

During the more than 35 years of his career as a format developer and producer, John de Mol has received many Dutch and international media awards, including the 2004 Golden Rose for lifetime achievement at the Lucerne festival and in 2013 a primetime Emmy Award for The Voice.

Besides his work for Talpa, De Mol is also active as an investor, particularly in the media sector. He is a direct shareholder in a number of media and entertainment companies, including SBS Nederland.